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Statement of validity - Dichiarazione di valore in loco
The Statement of validity (Dichiarazione di Valore - DV) is an official document written in Italian that provides a short description of a given academic or professional qualification awarded by an institution located  in a foreign country  and belonging to an educational system different from the Italian one. A DV may also provide information about the validity of the qualification concerned in the awarding country.
DVs are issued by the competent Italian diplomatic authorities abroad, i.e. the Italian Embassy/Consulate closest to the city ot town where the awarding institution is located.
Note to the Statement of Validity issued by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, Department for Education, Directorate General for the Regulation of the National Education System and for School Autonomy – Sixth Office:

Concerning the Statement of Validity:
As far as the assessment of qualifications achieved in the EU are concerned, it is necessary to stress that the Statement of Validity must not be used as the final ratio in the process of evaluation. As a matter of fact, the Public Administration must support their decisions on the basis of the programme content of the achieved diploma and not only according to a formal document, such as the Statement of Validity, which is, by all means, external and is not directly related to the competence and professional skills acquired through the qualification. The evaluation of a title must make use of all the instruments available - including the correspondence with the institutions and/or the diplomatic authorities, which will be considered exclusively as a source and not as an invaluable and irreplaceable piece of information. The application for the Statement of Validity can, therefore, be considered a standard procedure, which does not pre-empt the right and the duty of the Public Administration to carry out an autonomous assessment procedure, if the Italian diplomatic authorities in question have not issued the Statement in question or if they have carried out their duty in an unsatisfactorily manner. (See judgement n. 4613 of the04/09/07 of the State Council).

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