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Intercultural Open University Foundation
Administration at Cimea:

I am writing to you as a member of the Board of Governors for the Intercultural Open University Foundation (NL),(USA). We have noticed that you have listed our Foundation in a pdf article about Degree Mills by Luca Lantero. Our listing is noted as "having dubious professors with dubious credential that someone connect them to UNESCO".

The reference used in this article is listed as a UNESCO document when in actuality the reference was originally from an undated article released from UNESCO (Nairobi). In 2008 our legal representative asked the UNESCO (Nairobi) to remove this highly offensive untrue statement about our Foundation.

UNESCO (Nairobi) agreed with our position and removed the document as a web listing. Evidently you were able to make a reference before this removal. Presently this is a "dead link" and does not exist.

The President, Board of Governors, and the faculty in particular find this reference highly offensive and request that we be removed from this article. We have never claimed any accreditation from UNESCO and we do not have now or have ever had "dubious professors with dubious titles". You might want to reference our website and in particular look at our faculty listings.

Hopefully we can resolve this issue without having to consult legal representatives. Looking forward to your reply to what we consider a very demeaning reference that reflects on the credibility of our Foundation.


John M. Toothman, PhD
Board of Governors for the IOU Foundation
Professor of Psychology at Goldey Beacom College (USA)
Viale XXI Aprile 36 - 00162 Roma