CIMEA does not provide information by telephone, by appointment or in any manner different from those indicated on this page: no CIMEA operator is authorized to provide information or receive questions in ways other than those indicated.

For information for the public regarding the procedures for the evaluation of qualifications in place in Italy, and CIMEA services, it is possible to contact CIMEA exclusively through the “Information request” service available on the CIMEA Diplome portal:

Higher education institutions, local and foreign authorities and organizations that wish to contact CIMEA, can write to the following email address:

This e-mail address is dedicated exclusively to official institutions and bodies; in the case of use of this address by individual users, for whom the dedicated "Information Request" service is available, CIMEA will not take into consideration the content of the message received and no reply will be forthcoming.

In line with the European Union regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR), CIMEA will refuse any message containing copies of qualifications, personal documentation or associated sensitive data that is not accompanied by the explicit declaration for use and processing of such information from the holder.