Joint programmes and joint degrees
BRIDGE - Best Recognition Instruments for the Dialogue between Global Experts: Crossing the bridge between EM National Structures and Naric centres

Strengthen the cooperation between the bodies that deal with the development of joint Erasmus Mundus programmes (National Contact Point) and ENIC-NARIC centres, with a view to identifying the major critical points in the area of joint programmes and qualification recognition and suggest the most adequate solutions for their solution. The final product of the project is the BRIDGE Handbook - Joint Programmes and Recognition of Joint Degrees, with examples joint qualifications, of agreements and with all the elements to take into consideration during the phases of the life and planning of a joint course. CIMEA conseptualised and coordinated the project.

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INTER-HED - The Internationalisation of Higher Education: an on-line training course for Erasmus Mundus Administrators

Creation of an on-line course for whoever performs activities linked to internationalisation and to the development of international projects and programmes inside higher education institutions on a global level. The course consists of three modules referring to the higher education system, to joint programmes and to recognition procedures. CIMEA conseptualised and coordinated the project.

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JOIMAN Network: Joint Degree Management and Administration Network

Support for the development of joint programmes in European universities, through the creation of a thematic network and the production of highly innovative material still in use to resolve administrative problems linked to the organization of educational itineraries between different higher education systems, such as the consortium agreement and the final Joiman Manual. CIMEA has been a partner of the project and has participated in the development of the single activities and the final results.

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