CIMEA, in line with its specific institutional activities and thanks to its specific decades-long experience and acquired competences, coordinates and participates in international projects in the educational and training sector, also in collaboration with international organizations, national bodies and administrations, sectoral associations and networks, higher education institutions and more in general with all the bodies that operate in diverse ways in the higher education sector.

For information on CIMEA projects and on the possibility to engage in project activities and development, kindly send a message via e-mail to: info@cimea.it.

The thematic areas of reference of the main projects which CIMEA is involved in as coordinator, partner, associated institution or external expert are indicated as follows. Clicking on each section it is possible to obtain information on the projects developed in such sectors:

Recognition of qualifications
  • #NARIC - Developing and maintaining the ENIC-NARIC website
  • @NARIC - Supporting the ENIC-NARIC Social Media and Communication Strategy
  • AR-Net: Automatic Recognition in the Networks in 2020
  • CIME-A-TeaM: CIMEA against the mills - How to spot and counter diploma mills
  • CIMEA-MaCLaude: Magna cum Laude - Worldwide Database on university grading systems
  • DigiRec - Connecting digital exchange of student data in recognition
  • DEQAR - Database of External Quality Assurance Results
  • EQPR - European Qualifications Passport for Refugees
  • EU-MTR - Enhancing the use of mobility tools for recognition
  • FAIR - Focus on Automatic Institutional Recognition
  • FRAUDOC: Guidelines on Diploma Mills and Document Fraud for Credential Evaluators
  • FraudSCAN: False Records, Altered University Diploma Samples Collection and Alesrt for NARICs
  • Q-ENTRY - International Database on Higher Education Entry Qualifications
  • REACT - Refugees and Recognition
  • Recognition of Refugees Qualifications. A pilot project
  • Refugees & Recognition: Toolkit for recognition of higher education for refugees, displaced persons and persons in refugee-like situation
  • SCAN-D & SCAN-D2: Samples & Copies of Academic National Diplomas
  • SQUARE - A Quality Assurance System for the ENIC-NARIC networks
  • STREAM - Streamlining Institutional Recognition: a training platform for admissions officers
Qualifications framework:
  • ECGFA NET - European Coast Guard Functions Academy Network for European Sectorial Qualification's Framework for Coast Guardin
  • Italian Cooperation 4 Transparency of Skills & Mobility
  • QFs-UHSE - The use or potential use of qualifications frameworks as a tool of mobility by higher education institutions and other stakeholders
  • Twinning project - Establishment of the Israeli National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as a mechanism to fostering the development of Israeli Human Capital
Joint programmes and joint degrees:
  • BRIDGE - Best Recognition Instruments for the Dialogue between Global Experts: Crossing the bridge between EM National Structures and Naric centres
  • INTER-HED - The Internationalisation of Higher Education: an on-line training course for Erasmus Mundus Administrators
  • JOIMAN Network - Joint Degree Management And Administration Network
Higher education systems and cooperation with other Regions:
  • CHEER I e II - Consolidating Higher Education Experience of Reform: norms, networks and good practice in Italy
  • MERIC-Net - Mediterranean Network of National Information Centres on the Recognition of Qualifications
  • RecoASIA -Regional Cooperation in the field of recognition among Asian Countries
  • RecoLATIN - Credential evaluation centres and recognition procedure in Latin American countries
  • RecoNow - Knowledge of recognition procedures in ENPI south countries
Vocational education and training:
  • 3DPRISM - 3D Printing Skills for Manufacturing
  • APPSKIL - European ICT Sector Skills Alliance - VET open course for mobile apps creators
  • ASSETs+ - Alliance For Strategic Skills Addressing Emerging Technologies in Defence
  • METIS - MicroElectronics Training, Industry and Skills
European Higher Education Area:
  • DEQAR CONNECT - Enhancing the Coverage and Connectivity of QA in the EHEA through DEQAR database
  • MICROBOL - Micro-credentials linked to the Bologna key commitments
  • TPG B on LRC - Thematic Peer Group B on the Lisbon Recognition Convention