Recognition of qualifications

Concept of recognition according to the purpose

With the ratification of the Lisbon Convention, as determined by Law n. 148 of 11 July, 2002, the concept of recognition according to the purpose was introduced in Italy.

It is therefore fundamental to know the purpose and the objective for which a recognition is requested by our system before beginning any evaluation procedure, taking into account the different existing procedures in our legislation and the different bodies responsible for such implementation

For what purpose is the recognition of foreign qualification requested in Italy?

The answer to this question will immediately indicate the most adequate procedure and the authority responsible for its performance: without this preliminary indication, both the authority and the holder of the foreign qualification risk not gaining any useful result for their aims, as well as wasting time in longer and more complicated procedures that could nullify the recognition request.

Procedure of recognition according to the purpose

Category Purpose of recognition  Responsible body
Legislative reference
Academic recognition
Admission to a course/Furthering of study Universities and AFAM institutions
Art. 2, Law 148/2002
Shortening of course/Recognition of period of study/Recognition of credits
Nostrification procedure (equipollenza)
Nostrification (equipollenza) of Research Doctorate (PhD)
Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) Art. 74, Presidential Decree 382/80
Non-academic recognition
Access to public competitions
Prime Minister’s Office – Department of Public Affairs – P.P.A. Office Art. 38, Legislative decree 165/2001 and Art. 2, Presidential Decree 189/2009
Attributions of points for the definition of the final ranking in public competitions/Career progression in Public Administration
Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) via request to the relevant admnistration Art. 3, Presidential Decree 189/2009
Social security reasons/Lenght of study redemption
Enrollment in Job Centres
Access to traineeship or internship after qualification attainment
Award of scholarships and other benefits
Relevant administration
Art. 4, Presidential Decree 189/2009
Evaluation of European Union qualifications and certifications
Relevant administration with opinion of Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)
Art. 12, Law 29/2006
Professional recognition
Practice of regulated profession (ex. Chemist, Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Engineer, etc.): Ministry which supervises the profession (ex. Health, Justice, MIUR, ecc.) Directive 2005/36/EC and Directive 2013/55/EU
Access to the job market for  non-regulated professions
Employer n.a.

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NB: Our system is still culturally influenced by the concept of nostrification (equipollenza) as the exclusive means for foreign qualification recognition. On that matter, it is noteworthy that Law 148/2002 no longer uses such terminology and that through the dispositions of Art. 9 the previous procedures of nostrification (equipollenza) have been annulled.