Grading system

Every topic included in the study plan necessitates the passing of an exam. The subject exams (referring to each separate topic) may be oral, written or practical (especially in AFAM institutions). Failure to pass an exam is not indicated in the “exam transcript”, therefore the student must retake the exam in order to achieve a positive result. Each university can choose autonomously how many times a student may repeat an exam within the period reserved for subject exams.

The grades for subject exams are measured in thirtieths (0-30 scale), the minimum grade is 18/30 and the maximum grade is 30/30. The maximum grade can be enhanced with “cum laude” (30 cum laude).

The final degree evaluation is expressed in one hundred and tenths (0-110 scale), the minimum grade is 66/110 and the maximum grade is 110/110. The calculation of the final grade of each candidate takes into account the average of the grades obtained in the subject exams, as well as the quality of the work performed in research or in the final thesis which is discussed in public before an exam commission. “Cum laude” (110 cum laude) may be added to the maximum grade if the exam commission decides unanimously.