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The University systems database developed by CIMEA is a useful tool for obtaining information on the different elements of a foreign higher education system for all those bodies that deal with the evaluation of foreign qualifications in Italy. The database is also addressed to Italian higher education institutions that intend to develop cooperation projects with institutions from other countries. This database is the result of CIMEA's rereading of the project works carried out by the participants of the second edition of INTER-HED University Master, organized by CIMEA and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. The data relating to 50 systems organized within country cards are available in Italian language only and contain the following information:

  • list of recognized university institutions based on the official lists provided by the authorities of the selected country;
  • grading system;
  • qualifications framework;
  • list of the main post-secondary qualifications;
  • National quality assurance agency.

The project has been cooridnated and supervised by Mr. Luca Lantero of CIMEA.

In the development of the database, participated (in alphabetical order): Annalisa Anzalone, Anna Chiarelli, Mariangela Colucci, Franca D’Ambrosio, Cristina De Pace, Maria Fanelli, Claudia Fiorani, Anna Gambogi, Elisa Guberti, Julia Landrichter, Tiziana Marotta, Raffaella Mazzamurro, Franca Morrone, Alessandra Pachì, Alessandro Paravia, Giuseppina Pedicini, Valeria Puccini, Enrico Trabattoni.


This database reports different information on the higher education systems of some foreign countries, using the official and primary sources of information in the selected country (by referring to the institutional website). The description of the main qualifications in the system is also included in the document. This description, available in Italian, briefly analyzes each foreign system with reference to the specific features of the Italian higher education system. Therefore, these descriptions are not exhaustive of the single system and are not intended to carry out any comparison or any equivalence between the Italian and the foreign qualification described.

The lack of information on qualifications or institutions related to a single system is due to the need of a concise description of the system in question.

The database was developed thanks to CHEER project, co-financed by the EU's Erasmus + program.

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