Characteristics of Diplome

The information recorded in Diplome is managed according to the most advanced security and privacy models. Diplome is fully compliant with the GDPR, the European Union regulation on the protection of personal data: the holder of the qualification is the owner of the information (Privacy by Design and by Default).

The system has the following characteristics:

  • Precision and quality: all the information on blockchain is provided by certified institutions. The source is registered at the same time as the data.
  • Data transferability: the system was developed to ensure the transferability and continuity of data. The ecosystem has developed a common template for all qualifications and certifications, encoded in the JSON format, which is open-standard and interoperable, and guarantees compatibility with all IT systems.
  • Security: thanks to an innovative approach to data sharing, the entire flow of registration, sharing and verification of the authenticity of documents is protected by cryptographic cross-check techniques. Once saved in blockchain, the information is unchangeable and any modification is impossible even for system administrators.
  • Data minimization: only the data necessary to provide secure and reliable information on the academic path of the qualification holder is saved on blockchain.
  • Limit to disclosure: the holder of the qualification has full control of his/her data and only he/she can allow access to such data.
  • Right to be forgotten: the holder of the qualification can decide to cancel the cryptographic key which is the only possibility to access the data.
  • Open system: the entire system is open to organizations and institutions that in various ways release and certify qualifications. Once the data owner has given access, the information is shared in both an open and standardized approach. The institutions and institutions that become part of the Diplome network do not have to build a new system, because thanks to the standards of interoperability and design of the system it can dialogue with all IT systems.
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