CIMEA for Refugees

The Credential Information Service - CIS, CIMEA for Refugees which, thanks to the support of the Ministry for Universities and Research, issues Statements of Comparability free of charge for foreign study qualifications to holders of international protection who have obtained the status of political asylum or subsidiary protection in Italy, subject to proof of such status (Residence permit with evidence of refugee status), is now active at CIMEA.


The Credential Information Service - CIS, CIMEA for Refugees uses the "Diplome" service to issue its certificates, making use of blockchain technology applied to the recognition of qualifications.


For further information on the Diplome service, please click here.


Through the Diplome - CIMEA for Refugees portal, it is possible to get in touch with the CIMEA experts through an “Information Request” and request the “Statement of Comparability” for a qualification obtained abroad. To do this, the user concerned must create his/her own account on CIMEA for Refugees portal.


In order to issue the Statement of Comparability free of charge, the interested party must upload all the documents relating to the academic path followed, which can be consulted for each country, in the “Required Documents” section of the personal account, together with proof of the protection status obtained in Italy (Residence permit with evidence of refugee status). Please note that each registration on the Diplome portal is only linked to the one personal account of the holder of the qualification. No evaluation will be processed through intermediaries.

For those who are still waiting to obtain international protection or who have been awarded a different status, it is possible to access the CIMEA services by creating a personal account on CIMEA Diplome page or through one of the Diplome pages dedicated to Italian universities that have an agreement with CIMEA, the list of which can be consulted at the following page.


Click here to access CIMEA for Refugees Diplome page.

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