CIMEA does not provide information by telephone, by appointment or in any manner different from those indicated on this page: no CIMEA operator is authorised to provide information or receive questions in ways other than those indicated.


The information relating to the procedures for the recognition of foreign qualifications in force in Italy, the application of the Lisbon Convention and any other data relating to the Italian system of higher education, can be consulted directly in the sections of this website:

It is possible to contact the CIMEA experts only for information regarding the Statements services (Comparability and Verification) through the CIMEA Diplome portal - “Richiesta informazioni / Information Request”. To this end, the interested user must create his/her own account on the CIMEA Diplome general page or on one of the Diplome pages dedicated to the Universities that have an Agreement with CIMEA, the list of which can be consulted at the following link.


Higher education institutions and Italian and foreign administrations and organisations wishing to contact CIMEA can write to this e-mail address this e-mail address is exclusively dedicated to information relating to recognition procedures in the academic field; requests therefore relating to the evaluation of academic qualifications, verification of the authenticity of academic documentation, non-academic / professional recognition procedures and, in general, any request the information for which is already dealt with within this website will not be taken into consideration. 


In line with the European Union regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR), CIMEA will automatically eliminate any message containing copies of qualifications, personal documentation or any other associated sensitive data, and no reply will be forthcoming.

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