Italy, thanks to CIMEA, is the first Country to use blockchain technology in the context of credential evaluation.

What is diplome ?

CIMEA, through its «diplome» service, has developed a “Wallet” for each holder of academic titles where it is possible to upload one’s own qualifications using blockchain technology. This generates a qualification document management system that is decentralised, transparent, certified and unchangeable, with the scope of making it progressively easier for a student, a graduate or a professional to enroll in a foreign university or enter the labour market in a foreign country.

But diplo me is also a global ecosystem, which can be used by authorities and institutions, which for various reasons issue and certify qualifications, to securely and unchangeably register these documents, guaranteeing their transferability and authenticity.

Blockchain is a tool for the INDIVIDUAL.

The system connects to a global network and is open to:

  • the holder of the qualification: the sole owner of the data, he/she can upload free-of-charge all titles deriving from his/her academic and professional career into the “Wallet” at his/her disposal;

  • higher education institutions: they can use the ecosystem in all the phases of a study path. From the enrolment stage to view and evaluate the candidate’s qualifications, to the entire duration of the study course, where the individual exams sat and the results earned can be registered safely and unchangeably, up to the phase of awarding the qualification, which will also be registered on blockchain. The academic titles and information registered will be available to the student for the entire duration of his/her academic and professional career;

  • institutions that release non-academic titles and qualifications: each certificate that documents a new training step can be registered in the student’s personal “Wallet”;

  • certifying organizations: bodies that evaluate and certify qualifications, such as CIMEA, can provide information in terms of transparency, authenticity, legibility and comparability of qualifications in an international context directly on blockchain.

Diplome in three words: SIMPLE, SECURE, CERTIFIED

To access the service kindly register on

If you are a certifying body and wish to enter the diplo me network, kindly write to

For more information about the diplome ecosystem, please refer to the: Diplome white paper (last update 25th November 2019)

  • SIMPLE: with diplome your qualifications are always at hand and you can choose who to share them in a simple and secure way.

  • SECURE: the qualifications saved in diplome on blockchain are immutable and unchangeable, protected from any possible interference, and can be shared and verified in a secure way. Using blockchain you can verify with certainty the authenticity of a qualification, minimizing the risk of fraud. Diplome is structured to guarantee the security of personal data and protect the privacy of the title holder, in line with the principles of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • CERTIFIED: diplome is an open ecosystem, which institutions, bodies, authorities, and all those who in various ways release or certify qualifications and competences can join. Diplo me is a private permissioned blockchain, the type best suited to the public sector, a space in which only the "certifying" agents can operate, guaranteeing the reliability and security of the ecosystem.

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