Short guide to Diplome

What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is a digital register where transactions occurring in cryptocurrency are registered in a chronological and public way.

Why Blockchain for the recognition of qualifications?
Because it allows for the sharing of certified and verifiable qualifications while minimizing fraud.

What is Diplome?
It is the new CIMEA certification service using blockchain technology: the certificates are saved in blockchain: allowing the holders of the qualifications to share their academic titles with institutions and employers in a simple, secure and certified way.

How does Diplome work?
Register on the website and automatically create your Wallet, a digital "portfolio" of qualifications. Diplome contains your qualifications and your academic titles, and whenever an institution or an authority awards you a title or issues a certificate on blockchain via Diplome, you can access it from anywhere and share the content in a simple and secure way.

What is the added value?x
In Diplome the qualifications and certificates are saved by the institutions that issue them directly on blockchain, guaranteeing the unchangeability and transferability of the data, security and simplicity in sharing, protection and respect of personal data.

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