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In response to the current emergency situation in Ukraine, CIMEA has implemented a variety of activities and produced a series of documents aimed at providing detailed information on the Ukrainian higher education system.

CIMEA is happy to make its publications available to all Italian higher education institutions to support the recognition of secondary school and higher education qualifications from the Ukrainian system.

The resources provided may prove useful, first of all, for a better understanding of the structure of the Ukrainian education system, as well as to offer support in the evaluation of the relevant qualifications compared to the Italian system.

Finally, particular attention is paid to the documentary element, thereby providing useful information for both the consultation of the documents in the original language and the verification of the authenticity of the documentation presented.

Please find below the following useful resources:

Ministry of University and Research (MUR) – Support measures for the Ukrainian emergency – Link


DG EAC online Webinar: Online Training for Fast-track Recognition of Ukrainian Academic Qualifications
The webinar "Online Training for Fast-track Recognition of Ukrainian Academic Qualifications" was held on 6 April 2022 at 10:30-12:00 CEST. The Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission in cooperation with CIMEA, the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre, organised a webinar on the Ukrainian higher education system, its qualifications (including qualifications granting access to higher education), available tools for verification and information resources with the scope of providing training to support fast-track recognition of Ukrainian academic qualifications. This event was open to higher education institutions, public bodies, and organisations involved in the recognition of qualifications at different levels. To download the agenda of the webinar click here.

Video recording from the Webinar “Online Training for Fast-track Recognition of Ukrainian Academic Qualifications”

Please find below the presentations of the speakers of the webinar:

  • Valentyna KRASNOSHCHOK, Credential Evaluation Advisor at ENIC Ukraine - Link
  • Kateryna SUPRUN, Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, Ukrainian representative in the Bologna Follow-Up Group - Link
  • Laura DIRVONSKYTE, Senior Credential Evaluator of CIMEA, Italy - Link

CIMEA online webinar: UKRAINE: university education system and academic qualifications 10 March 2022 – Materials

DOC CIMEA 136 - UKRAINE - Higher education system and academic qualifications
Summary document of the Ukrainian system and its qualifications available at the following Link.

Ukrainian Qualifications Database – Link
Database containing more than 300 examples of Ukrainian higher education qualifications. For each qualification, information is provided on the main elements of the qualification both from a documentary point of view and with respect to the positioning of the same within the Ukrainian higher education system. The database is publicly accessible to support Italian and foreign institutions and public bodies in the recognition of Ukrainian qualifications. The database has been developed in cooperation with ENIC Ukraine, in the framework of the Erasmus+ co-funded project “SCAN-D - Samples & Copies of Academic National Diploma”, All rights to the contents of the database are owned by the CIMEA Association. The reproduction or use of the contents is subject to written authorisation from CIMEA and with explicit reference to the source.

This site, administered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, provides the latest information updated in real time on the number of damaged or completely destroyed institutions, detailing the specific geographical area of Ukraine in which they operated.

Information sources on the Ukrainian system:
Official school and higher education bodies in Ukraine

International sources containing information updated directly by the Ukrainian authorities

Secondary international sources created by different national/international bodies

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