False Records, Altered Diploma and Diploma Mills Qualifications Collection

The FraudS+ project aims to encourage the automatic recognition of higher education and of upper secondary education qualifications by promoting a culture of ethics and transparency and developing further existing databases also involving students and student unions in the process of building useful tools to tackle the phenomenon of fraud in education.

Following the previous FraudSCAN project(2018-2020), the ongoing FraudS+ project (2020-2022) also aims at further developing and contributing to the already existing FraudSCAN database, containing samples of fraudulent qualifications and qualifications issued by Diploma Mills. The database is accessible to staff of the ENIC-NARIC centres only.

Students’ involvement is guaranteed through the development of a survey targetting students attending the last year of high school, national and international university students, together with student unions from Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands and Sweden. The answers to the survey will be analysed in order to develop effective strategies to support dialogue among main stakeholders, useful to build tailor-made policies to tackle the phenomena of fraud in education.

Target groups of the project:

  • Credential evaluators from ENIC-NARIC centres
  • National authorities
  • Higher education institutions
  • Students
  • Student unions
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