Meetings & Seminars

The project runs for 36 months. More information about TPG-LRC CoRE is available on the EHEA website. 

The project will support the organisation of five TPG B meetings and three open seminars on alternative pathways and micro-credentials, digitalisation and automatic recognition. It will also implement peer learning activities through staff mobility.

Third Meeting of the TPG B on LRC
France, 9-10 June 2022
Meeting Agenda and Preparatory note

Presentations and documents of this meeting:

  • Project objectives and main actions to support TPG B institutional activity (presentation)
  • Input from the TPG A (presentation)
  • Practices and digital tools to support recognition of Ukrainian qualifications (presentation)
  • Tools and instruments from a country perspective (presentation)
  • Cooperation with higher education institutions (presentation)

Public seminar on alternative pathways
France, 9 June 2022
Agenda of the seminar

Presentations and documents of this seminar:

  • 20 years of validation des acquis de l'expérience (VAE) (presentation)
  • Recognition of Prior Learning in Practice project (RPLip) (presentation)
  • e-VALUATE and (STACQ) projects (presentation)
  • Micro-credentials linked to the Bologna key commitments (MICROBOL) (presentation)
  • Micro-credentials in the EU strategy for higher education institutions (presentation)

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