MARTe – A technological approach to micro-credentials

The MARTe project (2023-2024) aims to verify the practical application of automatic recognition to micro-credentials by reaching three main objectives:


First, mapping the existing repositories of micro-credentials in partner countries and analysing the practices concerning the recognition of micro-credentials already in place. In this way, it will be possible to acquire detailed knowledge of the current situation of micro-credentials in the various countries and to assess the different recognition approaches adopted.


Second, applying the text-mining technology to the repositories of micro-credentials, specifically to their learning outcomes, in order to collect consistent data on the information shared by delivering institutions. This will provide more precise and reliable information on whether learning outcomes are structured on common criteria. The findings, the methodology, and the lessons learned during the research will be shared in a final project publication.


Third, piloting the design of a micro-credential provided by a non-academic actor and its recognition by a higher education institution. This will test the feasibility of using micro-credentials provided by non-academic actors and assess the effectiveness of the recognition process by higher education institutions.


The piloting activities of the MARTe project will allow the identification of areas where both the design of micro-credentials and their recognition need to be improved, as well as opportunities to take full advantage of what has already been achieved. In this way, the project will contribute to the development of a more efficient micro-credentials system adapted to the needs of the partner countries. 

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