Italian Qualifications Framework

In 2005, the Ministers of Higher Education of the Bologna Process signatory countries decided to develop the Qualifications Framework for the European Higher Education Area - QF for the EHEA.


The Framework comprises the three main cycles of Higher Education, as defined by the Bologna Process, and offers an overview of all qualifications awarded at the end of each cycle, with reference to the number of ECTS credits collected and to the learning outcomes according to the Dublin Descriptors: its scope is aimed at facilitating a better understanding and comparability of qualifications in the higher education systems of each country and to present the entire European education offer to students coming from all over the world. Each country, therefore, committed to putting together a National Qualifications Framework – NQF which is compatible with the Qualifications Framework for the European Higher Education Area.


Again in 2005, the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) started working on the Italian Qualifications Framework, in compliance with the procedures established at European level.


Initially, CIMEA was asked to develop the first prototype of the National Framework, which was aimed at portraying the reform process which the Italian Higher Education system had undergone since 1999. Subsequently, a team formed of technical consultants (Bologna Expert and representatives of the Italian Ministry of Higher Education) was set up and started working on the Italian Qualifications Framework model with a view to identifying the most useful procedures for the presentation of the entire Italian system using one single tool. During the preparatory work for the Italian framework, all the other NQFs then existing were analysed, in order to verify the choices made by other countries and to identify best practices discovered abroad. The proposal prepared by the technical team underwent a thorough consultation which included internal departments and the relevant General Directorates within the Ministry, the Italian Bologna Process Experts, the institutional bodies dedicated to consulting and representation, management and worker representatives and professional associations.


In October of 2010, after five years of work, the Italian Qualifications Framework – QTI was approved. It can be found on the following website, administered by CIMEA:


Since 2012, CIMEA has been a participant in the work of the National Correspondents for Qualifications Frameworks (QF-EHEA) group, created at the Council of Europe, representing Italy.

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