Request for personalised training course

CIMEA organizes courses and creates personalised educational activities in the higher education sector.

Interested Italian and foreign institutions may request the development and delivery of specific educational initiatives to be held on the premises of the institution or at CIMEA.

Information relative to the delivery of such courses with a view to agreeing on the educational programme, timelines and cost can be requested via the email.

The main educational activities organized by CIMEA concern the following themes:

  • The Italian higher education system;
  • Qualification recognition policies and methodologies;
  • Analysis of higher education system characteristics;
  • Systems and methodologies of qualification verification;
  • Focus on and deepening of specific national higher education systems;
  • Accreditation/recognition of higher education institutions and elements of qualifications;
  • Diploma mills and fake qualifications;
  • Development of international agreements and cross-border education activities;
  • Development and management of joint programmes;
  • Award of double, multiple and joint degrees;
  • Development of European projects and financing possibilities.

For more information on the activities already developed by CIMEA, kindly consult the Courses and training activities in place section.

For information on the educational activities available and news on CIMEA courses, kindly visit the Course programme and timetable section.

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