BRIDGE HANDBOOK - Joint programmes and recognition of Joint degrees (October 2012)

The Handbook was studied in order to offer practical tools and suggestions for the Erasmus Mundus consortia at the following stages:

  • creation of joint programmes;
  • assessment of the prospective candidates for the Erasmus Mundus courses;
  • award of double, multiple and joint degrees by the Erasmus Mundus consortia.

For this reason, we have divided the Handbook into three parts concerning the Joint Programme and the difficulties associated with the recognition of qualifications:

  • creation phase: it is necessary to take into account the differences among various higher education systems; 
  • selection phase: candidates are chosen on the basis of the evaluation of their foreign qualification and of the status of the awarding institution; 
  • awarding phase: when the double, multiple or joint degrees are awarded and the Diploma supplement is issued, it is necessary to comply with the different national regulations on joint programmes and joint degrees.
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