Survey "Student awareness on fraud in Education”

The main aim of the survey is to analyse the knowledge of the phenomenon of fraud in education among students, in order to design useful tools for the promotion of ethics and transparency in education.

Publication “Knowledge and awareness of fraud in education: a student perspective”

The publication is based on the results of the survey on student knowledge of fraud in education. The first section of the document presents the information gathered through the survey. The second section offers a reading of the data from the perspective of ENIC-NARIC centres and other relevant stakeholders. In the last section, there are considerations that also include perspectives on the policy plan to be adopted for countering fraud and promoting ethics and integrity in education.

Knowledge and awareness of fraud in education:
a student perspective


Full text available here

Video series

The video series is composed by three episodes, focusing on several challenges that emerge when promoting ethics and transparency in education. The videos can be found at the following links:


A leaflet was realised to include relevant information on the project, providing students, academic and administrative staff and general public with a comprehensive overview on the project products and outcomes. The leaflet has been developed for a wide distribution.

The leaflet is available here:

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