Within the framework of the TPG LRC CoRE project, four working groups have been established to contribute to the seminars’ design and content and produce documents and publications on the topics linked to three of the 6 specific thematic indications for the TPG B (alternative pathways, digital technology for the recognition agenda and the Diploma Supplement, automatic recognition) and on the topic of the European degrees. The following working groups have been established:


1. Alternative pathways: WG1 on micro-credentials

Deliverable – Publication on micro-credential and recognition targeted to HEIs

The publication aims to develop guidelines on the design, issuing and recognition of micro-credentials. The document is developed in cooperation with the TPG A on Qualifications Framework and ECTS, the TPG C on Quality assurance and the Working Group on Teaching and Learning.


  • First WG1 meeting: 21 September 2022
  • Second WG1 meeting: 24 October 2022
  • Third WG1 meeting: 20 November 2022
  • Fourth WG1 meeting: 11 January 2023


2. Digital technology for the recognition agenda and the Diploma Supplement: WG2 on digitalisation

Deliverable – Document focused on digital technology for the recognition agenda and the Diploma Supplement

The document is the joint result from the insights gathered during three Peer Learning activities on digitalisation (organised during the framework of the project) and desk research.


  • First WG2 meeting: 23 September 2022
  • Second WG2 meeting: 28 October 2022
  • Third WG2 meeting: 19 December 2022
  • Fourth WG2 meeting: 24 February 2023


3. Automatic recognition: WG3 on quality of recognition

Deliverable – Report identifying potential gaps and containing recommendations for higher education institutions to improve the quality of their recognition processes.

The document is the joint result from the results collected through a survey circulated among HEIs established in the TPG B member countries and desk research.


  • First WG3 meeting: 28 September 2022
  • Second WG3 meeting: 6 December 2022
  • Third WG3 meeting: 25 January 2023


4. WG4 on European Degree

Deliverable – Document on the European degree from the recognition perspective.

The working group will start working during the second phase of the project.

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