TPG-LRC CoRE - TPG-LRC Constructing Recognition in the EHEA

The TPG-LRC Constructing Recognition in the EHEA (TPG-LRC CoRE) project aims to support the implementation of the Bologna Process focusing on its key commitment 2 on national legislation and procedures compliant with the Lisbon Recognition Convention in the countries of the Thematic Peer Group B (TPG B).

All project activities, which are carried out through a peer-to peer approach, are focused on the priorities enshrined in the Rome Communiqué and built on the work done within the previous TPG-LRC project. Against this background, project partners are working on the “6 specific thematic indications” for the TPG B, with particular emphasis on: alternative pathways, digital technology for the recognition agenda and the Diploma Supplement, and automatic recognition. Five TPG B meetings and three public seminars are destined to delve into these topics, which constitute then the main objects of the resulting project publications.


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